Art and literary works

The highlight of this blog is my collage, both visual and textual. Picasso and Braque developed visual collage working from strategies pioneered by C├ęzanne, who made a radical break with Renaissance visual conventions. Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs later developed cut-up and fold-in, techniques for producing textual collage. I was inspired by the work of all of these men. Apart from the visual collage in the gallery, the prose collage pieces include "Servicing the Machines of Desire," which is a fold-in short story, and "The Idea of Order in Eliot's Collage," which is literary criticism that collages the object of criticism (T.S. Eliot's work) into the critical text itself. There is also a link to my kindle memoir, which uses cut-up and fold-in throughout. The other writing in the blog includes an interview with William Burroughs; "Riding the Nova Express," which is an analysis of the textual physics of Burroughs' novel Nova Express; a piece of literary journalism called "A Brush with Ginsberg;" and "Metakuyeayasi," which is an exploration of the Native American concept of All Relations.


WELCOME! (And note the new “poppy art” in the Gallery!)